(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
n. hurricane, tempest, tornado; spate, flood; cloudburst, blizzard; outburst, commotion; assault, onslaught, attack. —v. assault, assail, attack; rage, rant; bluster; blow violently, pour, rain, snow.
(Roget's IV) n.
1. [A violent disturbance of the elements]
Syn. tempest, downpour, cloudburst, disturbance, waterspout, blizzard, snowstorm, purga, squall, hurricane, cyclone, tornado, twister, gust, blast, gale, blow, monsoon; see also rain 1 , wind 1 .
2. [An outbreak suggestive of violent weather]
Syn. anger, agitation, annoyance, commotion, turmoil, violence, perturbation, racket, temper, hubbub, rage, fury, passion, hysteria.
Ant. peace*, harmony, quiet.
1. [To be stormy]
Syn. blow violently, howl, blow a gale, roar, set in, squall, pour, drizzle, drop, rain, mizzle, spit, lay the dust, patter, rain cats and dogs*, come down in bucketfuls*, breathe fire and fury*, rain pitchforks and hammer-handles*; see also snow .
2. [To make a violent attack]
Syn. attack, charge, rush, assail; see attack 1 .
See Synonym Study at attack .
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus)
1. weather disturbance cloudburst, thunderstorm, thundershower, *thunder-boomer, electrical storm, deluge, downpour, *gullywasher, squall, tempest, gale, windstorm, hurricane, monsoon, tropical storm, typhoon, tornado, whirlwind, cyclone, *twister, snowstorm, northeaster, blizzard, hailstorm, blow, inclement weather.
fair weather spot in center of storm: eye of the storm
line between clashing air masses: front
raising of shoreline water during storm: storm surge
sandstorm of North Africa, India, Middle East: Haboob
whirlwind over water that sucks up funnel of water: waterspout
see cloud, rain, precipitation, snow, wind
2. uproar controversy, outburst, disturbance, brouhaha, furor, eruption, hubbub, attack, hysteria, outcry, squall.
1. rain blow, squall, rage, pour, thunder, boom, thunder and lightning, snow.
2. charge attack, assault, rush, blitz, blitzkrieg, assail, invade, besiege.
3. rage blow up, lose one's temper, rant and rave, fume, *throw a fit, roar, bellow, *go on the rampage, *go ballistic.
(Roget's Thesaurus II) I noun A concentrated outpouring, as of missiles, words, or blows: barrage, bombardment, burst, cannonade, fusillade, hail1, salvo, shower, volley. See ATTACK. II verb To set upon with violent force: aggress, assail, assault, attack, beset, fall on (or upon), go at, have at, sail into, strike. Informal: light into, pitch into. See ATTACK.

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, , , , , , (usually accompanied with rain, hail, or snow), (with or without rain, hail, or snow) / , , , , , , , , , , , , / , , , / , , , , / , , (with violence, as a fortification),

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